Lucet/Knitting Fork

$ 19.95

This is a beautifully made lucet by A Geary.   Made with a variety of local and re-purposed woods. It includes a 1 ounce ball of yarn

The lucet originated in the Viking and medieval times. It made chains that was used for holding tools off the Viking's belts. When the vikings invaded Normandy, the tool was introduced to Europe. It was used as a tool to make cording for clothes up to the industrial revolution.

There are two ways to use it.

Knitting Fork For children:

Put the worm (yarn) in the hole toward you. Hold the end. "wrap the yarn around the forks creating two figure 8's (under over, under over). Jump  each forks lower yarn over the top yarn, and give the end of the yarn a pull repeat from ".

For the square cordage: