Wool Collections

Merino extra fine roving  (fiber ct of 19) sold in 2 ounce in numerous colors! It's perfect for spinning, wet felting, wool wrapping, and many other creative uses!

Merino ball top roving (fiber ct of 21) sold in a variety of sizes undyed! It's a dream to spin, dye, you can knit or crochet with it unspun. It works great for wet & needle felting too.

 Roving Ball (fiber ct about 24-26) is a custom blended 100% wool roving. As a roving it is an excellent choice for needle and wet felting or even for spinning. A wonderful, vivid variety of solids, heathers, and mélanges are available to add unique textures and tone-on-tone effects in your projects.

Colored wool batting This is a blend of two wool breeds: corriedale and coopsworth. It comes in tons of colors and one & half ounce bags. Together this colored batt is ideal for needle-felting! It has the "chaos" needed for the craft, plus it makes a hearty wet felted item (like bowls etc..)

Wool Batting
This is 100%  undyed natural carded wool. It's sold in a variety of sizes. Great quality with multi-purpose uses!  It can be used for stuffing, needle-felting, dyeing, wet felting...etc!